How to Shed The COVID 15 (Pounds)

After getting fully vaccinated, turn on the jets and make your life better than ever.

William Anderson, LMHC
6 min readOct 24, 2021



OK — You’re done with your life being dominated by COVID-19. You are fully vaccinated with the booster and ready to get back to normal, keeping abreast of the news and getting additional immunization as needed, like we get the flu shot every year. Now what?

If you are like most of us, you’ve gained weight while you were staying home a lot. Your routines were thrown out of whack and you started eating more. Most people have gained 5 to 15 pounds. Worse, you probably developed habits that are hard to break. Some people with a history of severe weight problems gained a lot and are at their highest weight ever.

For those with a severe weight problem that they have never gotten a handle on, I’d suggest reading my book, The Anderson Method. Better yet, get the audiobook to listen to as you drive around. It describes the behavioral weight loss program I used to solve my own long-term weight problem, losing over 100 pounds permanently 35 years ago after 25 years of failing with diets and exercise schemes.

For those with only the 5 to 15 pounds to shed, it will be easier. Here are some ideas that may be all you need to solve the problem, along with some good news that will brighten your day.

First good news: The solution to your problem will only take a short while. You’ll have to do a bit of work and make a few changes, but it will be nothing like the harder work that those with chronic weight problems will have to do.

Read my article, Science-Based Weight Loss. That will fill you in on the basic science we’ll apply. You’ll find your living metabolic rate, the number of calories you burn per day. You’ll learn about the way that even minute habitual overeating causes weight gain, and you’ll learn about the strategy of undereating to shed those extra pounds.

Most women will have to average 1000 to 1200 calories per day for a few weeks to drop 5 pounds or so, longer to drop 10 to 15. Most men will have to average 1500 to 1800 per day to lose weight. Men lose more than women on the same amount of food and at a faster rate because their bodies are bigger. Like bigger automobiles, they…



William Anderson, LMHC

Psychotherapist teaching the psychology and science of weight control. Author of "The Anderson Method — The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss".