Eggs — The Perfect Weight Loss Food

Why it’s one of the best foods for permanent weight loss.

Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

1) Eggs fuel you up and stay with you.

Eggs are a magical high-protein food compared with other proteins in terms of carrying you for the day and eliminating hunger. If I had cereal and/or fruit for breakfast, I’d be ravenous by 10. With eggs for breakfast I would not get hungry later in the morning. Sometimes I’d work through lunch and not even notice any hunger at all during the day. This did not occur with other protein-rich breakfasts made with meats, peanut butter, or even protein shakes. Eggs worked like magic.

2) Eggs are fast and easy.

When talking about weight loss, one of the most important features of any food, besides it’s high nutrient and low-calorie content, is its convenience. We are so over-scheduled and rushed that we can frequently succumb to eating food that is fast and easy. We often start out with the best of intentions, but when we are late and rushed, we are liable to get the easiest and fastest thing, either from a drive-thru, or in a package, like a snack cake or a cereal box. That can be a disaster first thing in the morning if we blow half the day’s calorie budget before we even arrive for work.

Eggs are versatile.

You can do so many things with eggs!

Eggs are cheap!

Usually, when we are deciding to eat healthy, we have to brace ourselves for the high cost. Not so with eggs. A dozen jumbo eggs goes for $0.96, under a buck! A two-egg breakfast only sets you back 16 cents! And eggs have a shelf life in the fridge of 3 to 5 weeks! How can you go wrong?

Eggs are healthy!

Despite the paranoia about cholesterol in eggs some years ago, it’s been found that they pose no real threat at all. If you are still fearful of the cholesterol, you can just use the whites, or the egg substitutes which are made from the whites only. All the cholesterol in an egg comes from the yolk. If you don’t eat the yolk, there is no cholesterol to worry about.

Psychotherapist teaching the psychology and science of weight control. Author of "The Anderson Method — The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss".

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